Join the Codeberg e.V. and actively support Free and Open Software Development!

As a member, you are part of the Codeberg mission. You are at the front of new technology and you can influence the development of Codeberg by voting for many decisions including the vote of the presidium. People like you support the project by giving a financial contribution and ideally via voluntary work.

Kind of Membership

As a Supporting Member you support the goals of the Codeberg e.V. directly, and will receive regular updates about the work of the Codeberg e.V. As an Active Member you join the Codeberg e.V., and will have voting rights.

Private individuals can choose to be either supporting or active members. Corporate entities can support the Codeberg e.V. by means of a supporting membership.

Volunteer Work

If you would like to actively contribute to the project and you can imagine to advise us on questions and problems, please let us know:

Personal Information

Regular updates about the work of the Codeberg e.V., and invitations to vote and to attend membership meetings are sent out by e-mail. We also use the e-mail address to identify you as a member and to allow you to cancel membership at any time by writing an email from that address.

As Codeberg e.V. we are legally required to keep up-to-date records of postal addresses of our members. We would only send letters by post if we did not have a functioning e-mail address.

The processing of your personal data is carried out in accordance with our privacy policy, which you must accept as a member of the association.

Membership Fee

The Membership Fee is used to finance the server costs, advertisements and more. You can choose the height and the debiting rhythm yourself. For private individuals, there is currently a minimum annual fee of 24 €. If you want to become member, but have limited financial means, you can apply for a discounted membership fee which is only 12 € annually.

For legal entities, the minimum annual fee is 100 €.

For members with limited financial means (e.g. pupils, students, unemployed, pensioners and social welfare recipients), the minimum membership fee can be reduced upon request. The board decides on the written application for a discount of the membership fee.

When applying for a discounted membership, the fee will always be exactly 12 € per year!

With a manual bank transfer, you are responsible to send the required membership fee at your selected interval to the following bank connection:

IBAN DE90 8306 5408 0004 1042 42

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